Monday, March 24, 2008

SDG-9 final prediction

The image to the right is the latest - and most likely last - HYSPLIT prediction for the SDG-9 flight. The end of the red line (north of Scotland) indicates where the transmitter's battery will likely die, all of this assuming that the balloon is still aloft.

Note the time scale at the bottom of the image - the end of the line is at 1200UTC today, 25 March. Will the balloon be within range for someone to hear it by this time? I simply do not know.

I have written to several amateur operators in Greenland and Iceland but, as yet, have received no replies. Will it be close enough to the UK to be heard? I have no idea - but I encourage amateurs in the UK to listen closely over the next ten hours and see if you can hear anything.

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to listen or drop us a line - and please check back for further updates, including details on the balloon design used in this mission.




Peter PA1SDB said...

I have been listening this (European) morning (25 March) and looking with Spectrum Lab (spectogram software) between 29.494,000 and 29.450,000 MHz, but seen or heard nothing. If possible, next time try the 30 mb like the Spirit of Knoxville Crew did/do. Short and long distance propagation is perfect on 30 meters. I'll stay tuned for a while. At 13:00 UTC I have to go to my work but will fix Spectrum lab somewhere around 29.497,000 MHz.

73's Peter PA1SDB in JO33kh - The Netherlands

Jeroen said...

I'm based in the Netherlands and have listened on the 25th from 7:00 to 10:00 UTC and have not heard anything in this timeframe, sorry :)

Listened with a Kenwood R5000 & WL1030.