Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soli Deo Gloria 10 flight announcement

Tonight, at 0200 UTC on 06 April, we will launch Soli Deo Gloria 10. This flight is another trans-Atlantic attempt by KC8UCH and KA2QPG but, unlike previous attempts, this will be a zero-pressure flight with ballast drop.

The image to the right shows the trajectory predictions for this flight - we plan to fly along the blue line. The big dot near the end of each line (in Europe/Africa) represents 0000 UTC on 08 April - SDG-10 should be on the ground (or in the water) by then.

The big question at the moment is which payload we will be flying. It will either be an APRS tracker on 144.39 Mhz (which will require European stations to tune down to that frequency for us) or another 10 metre beacon on 29.499 Mhz. If you are in southern Europe (preferably southern Spain) and would be willing to tune your APRS station over to 144.39 for us, please let us know right away!

More details will be announced as we get closer to flight time. There's much to do between now and then....


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Anonymous said...

Whatever you use - 10m or VHF-APRS, although not in southern Europe, I will be listening. Good luck...

Detlef, DJ3AK in northern Germany, near Braunschweig (WWL JO52GJ)