Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SDG-4 superpressure balloon flight today

Our fourth superpressure attempt - dubbed Soli Deo Gloria 4 - was launched this morning from the grounds of the Grosse Pointe Academy at 8:52 AM EDT (12:52 UTC).

SDG-4 is a small, cylindrical superpressure balloon made from Mylar film. It is carrying a high-frequency radio beacon transmitting CW on 28.636 megahertz. The balloon is expected to continue flying throughout the day and into the evening, following a south-southeast track across central Ohio and points southward.

Initial data received by Phil Manor, an amateur radio operator in Warren, Michigan, indicate that the balloon achieved a stable float not long after launch. Phil continued receiving data from the balloon until approximately 10:30 AM EDT (14:30 UTC), when the balloon most likely dropped below the radio horizon at his location.

We are hoping to receive further reception reports from interested hams throughout the day - if you can monitor 28.636, please do so!

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Anonymous said...

how did you manufacture the mylar balloon? any tips would be great! thanks :)