Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SDG-4 update 3:20PM EDT

More data from Jeff near Columbus, Ohio:

Here is another set. The signal popped back up to S6 when I rotated the KT34XAdown to~139 degrees from here in NW suburbs of Columbus. [This is consistent with our projections - the balloon should have been around Middleport, Ohio at the time.]


1815Z UP5H 58M A177 T07C L242 B2.7V
1818Z UP6H 00M A179 T09C L242 B2.7V
1820Z UP6H 02M A179 T09C L242 B2.7V
1821Z UP6H 04M A180 T07C L241 B2.7V
1823Z UP6H 06M A179 T08C L241 B2.7V
1825Z UP6H 08M A179 T07C L243 B2.7V
1827Z UP6H 10M A180 T09C L246 B2.7V
1829Z UP6H 12M A179 T09C L241 B2.7V
1831Z UP6H 14M A179 T07C L241 B2.7V
1838Z UP6H 20M A178 T08C L241 B2.7V
1840Z UP6H 22M A177 T0?C L244 B2.7V
1842Z UP6H 24M A180 T07C L241 B2.7V

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