Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SDG-4 update 2:11PM EDT

Here's some of the telemetry recorded by KA8VIT and decoded by Pierre Thomson (father of the beacon):

UP 2H 28M A 181 T 08C L 246 B 2.7V

UP 2H 38M A 180 T 07C L 245 B2.7V

UP 3H 32M A 180 T 08C L 244 B 2.7V

UP 3H 52M A 179 T 08C L 243 B 2.7V

UP 4H 08M A 180 T 08C L 244 B 2.7V

UP 4H 46M A 180 T 08C L 242 B 2.?


This is great news - it means that the pressure is, in fact, stable after four hours of flight!

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