Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SDG-4 update 2:33PM EDT

Jeff, K8ND near Columbus, Ohio copied the beacon and sent Pierre the following telemetry:

UP5H 08M A179 T07C L241 B2.7V
1728Z UP5H 10M A179 T07C L241 B2.7V
1730Z UP5H 12M A179 T08C L242 B2.7V
1732Z UP5H 14M A179 T07C L242 B2.7V
1734Z UP5H 16M A179 T07C L241 B2.7V
1737Z UP5H 20M A179 T07C L243 B2.7V
1739Z UP5H 22M A179 T08C L246 B2.7V
1741Z UP5H 24M A179 T09C L244 B2.7V
1743Z UP5H 26M A180 T09C L244 B2.7V
QSB, No Copy
1751Z UP5H 34M A179 T07C L245 B2.7V
Missed one - phone call!
1754Z UP5H 36M A180 T08C L246 B2.7V
1756Z UP5H 38M A179 T06C L24? B2.7V
1758Z UP5H 40M A179 T05C L243 B2.7V
1759Z UP5H 42M A179 T08C L246 B2.7V
1801Z UP5H 44M A179 T07C L242 B2.7V

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